ravaged B E A U T Y




Recently a client asked me to replicate a mobile like the one on the very top and it has inspired me soo much that I created another two mobiles with the same “ravaged” beauty in mind! The crazy messy unkempt natural beauty that these mobiles portray. I think they will look so lovely in a garden-inspired room! Or any whimsical baby’s nursery. I thought some more of what I really what I want to do…and I think I would like to design nursery spaces! But I’m not sure where to start…since I don’t have an interior design degree or any experiences…well aside from personal home projects which I have to say I’m quite proud of. In an ideal situation, it will be cool if there were contractors or residential architects who has a small business and looking for a design partner (the design aspect) and I can step in! I guess with working on my little shop I haven’t taken the necessary steps to make it happen yet. But as my shop and products get more noticed maybe something will happen. 🙂 The next big thing for my shop is happening this friday at the Fountains in Roseville! I’m setting my expectations low but this event will gain more exposure for my products. Stay tuned and I will let you know how it goes and of course pictures from the event.



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