Garden of Dreams

I know I say this A LOT…but this is probably my MOST FAVORITE mobile I’ve created thus far…okay…it’s easily my top ten! I custom designed it for a client based on this wall paper she’s going to have in her nursery space. The finished product was even more than I can imagined. I can’t really describe that feeling but I will try…it’s like creating an item that transports you into that garden of dreams, where the colors are lush and vibrant. This was definitely a dream project, where the client trust me to create something unique that will go along her decor. It’s a leap of faith…not knowing what to expect. 🙂 I know I couldn’t do…unless I’ve seen their portfolio of their work. Of course, my client couldn’t be more thrilled. Ahhh…the sweet dreams the precious baby will have in this space. This is probably the main reason why I wanted to design a nursery. I don’t know what I’m waiting for…maybe because my shop is keeping me busy…or the real reason…I’m playing it safe. Not sure what steps to take to pursue it. Small steps right?!?