Wool Felt Baby Mobiles Galore






img_9632 img_9639

And these are just some of the color combinations I have in my etsy shop! What can I say…I’m a wool felt maniac! I really like this material because it does not fray and holds up well! I’m really happy with these pieces…they make such an enchanting addition to a nursery space! The one with the gold rim anemone flowers were custom created for one of my client which is coined “The Eleanor” for baby Eleanor. It was so much fun getting to play around with colors and making it just right for the client. 🙂



I heart SF

It’s been awhile since I made time to actually go out and have an adventure. This new business I tell you…it sucks up A LOT of time in the beginning. A LOT. But I can never forget my first love…my love of an adventure! The easy simplicity of eating good food. Of exploring new places and re-visiting old haunts. I wonder if I’m a gypsy in the former life. The gals and I went to San Franciso for a day. I don’t think I can ever get tired of that city. I’ve been there numerous time in the past…but never actually walking across the Golden Gate. That was a first for me. I really enjoy walking around. You get to see things that you often miss when driving. Way to state the obvious right?!?! But I mean really see things as a local. We started our day at Blackwood, an Asian-Thai fusion restaurant (their words not mine…cause isn’t Thai…Asian? I guess they wanted to be specific) and the atmosphere is intimately casual. My favorite kind of space. While the main entree we tried was okay, the ahi-tuna appetizer is ahhhhmazzing. I would go back there just for that! Can you recall moments in your life when you had some really great tasting food? I know I do!

(Note: I didn’t take this picture…although I wish I did…but I didn’t want to be one of those people that take pictures of their food…well not all the time lol)



img_2803 img_2804

Full Disclosure: Only my friend Trangie and I walked across the 1.7 mile bridge. The other was passed out in the backseat of the car while the DD (Ruth) “baby” sat her. Baby is her nickname conveniently enough lol. Afterwards we headed to Golden Gate Bakery…and luckily I called in advance to see if they are open because usually they are on vacation. I guess when you have that much patrons waiting in line for your egg tart (my favorite btw) you can afford to go on vacation that often.

All in all, the best day!