First Mobile I ever Created – Updated

This color scheme was the first wool felt baby mobile I ever created! And this continue to be one of the favorites in my shop! Because of a client’s custom request to have felt leaves adorn the wooden ring on the outside…I’m now adding it to my shop because the addition makes it so sweet. But I do love it with the natural bamboo showing too. Can’t decide. That is life.

And below is a new one I just created! I do love the addition of the hanging tassels. So dreamy right?!? With colored walls this one will sure stand out! I just need to find or create a nursery to showcase these beauties! I’m open to suggestions. 🙂

Thanks for sticking with me while I go on and on about these mobiles! I haven’t follow thru with my internal goal for this blog…to write about different themes/adventures as I would like to. I hope to change that soon. 🙂



Outdoor Nursery

I finally was able to repaint the crib white donated by my generous cousin! I can’t believe it cost her $500! I still need some wooden dowels to make it easier to take apart once I take it on the road with me. My next venue, hopefully, is the Fountains in Roseville, First Friday of every month. I also need to create a makeshift mattress for decorative purposes!  These pictures were taken in my backyard…so there wasn’t a lot of empty greenery space as I would like…but it will do for now. I love how these mobiles look in a natural environment especially since they are created to resemble the beauty of all the flowers and plants around us. I wonder how interior spaces affects babies and their cognitive abilities. I know parents create nursery spaces mainly for them because let’s face it…newborns can’t really admire all the furniture in their room…but I do wonder…what they absorb in their surroundings. I know certain colors create peace and calm, while others excite.

I also placed postcards on the parking lot of Babies R Us which I’ve never done before since I feel kind of ridiculous or maybe I feel like it’s soliciting. But I’m glad I did it…who knows maybe something will come out of it.

Tomorrow, June 8th will be the anniversary of the day I quit my job a year ago. I can’t believe how time has passed. It has been an adventure for sure. Full of challenges and doubts. It was hard (and still) adapting to the financial aspect, of not having the same income level, of budgeting and not being able to spend like I was used to, but it many ways it has taught me so much, of who I want to be, who I am. Despite all that, there has never been any regrets. It has definitely made me a more creative person! Instead of just jotting down ideas, I actually have time to follow through on them. The hardest lesson I’ve learned, still learning, is that it doesn’t have to be perfect to put it out there. You can always fine-tuned it down the line. Don’t let that fear, that desire for perfection, stop you from putting it out there! You hear me, Ca?!?! LOL. I’m so proud of you for finally taking that leap to create your clothing line! I’m excited to see it on etsy.