The Curated Boutique Collection – Continued

Fall/Winter 2020 Collection of The Curated Boutique is now available at!

I created a makeshift office/closet for my sister’s photoshoot of some of her items in our backyard. Working gals as she calls us! I had a lot fun going around Midtown Sacramento to take pictures of outfits shots in front of these awesome murals! A lot of cute pieces that my sister curated in her first ever collection!



Launch of The Curated Boutique

The one main thing that my sisters and I shared is our love of FASHION! We love clothes! For the most part we have similar taste, but each one of us have our unique style, I guess styles that works with our different body types. So, recently, my sister decided to launch an online boutique of clothes that she loves and to share with other people a place where they can shop affordable and chic clothing with materials/fabrics that she herself would like/buy. I think a lot of online shops these days have really cute fashion styles but the fabric is sorely lacking. The thing I noticed about my sister is that she would only sell items that she stands behind, even if that means ditching a whole line of clothes that she invested in. Now that’s integrity! I’m so proud of my peeps for just putting themselves out there, going after their passion/dream regardless of the end result! I know I sound like a broken record but if the covid pandemic taught us anything is that LIFE is FRAGILE and PRECIOUS and that we shouldn’t take anything for granted so just LIVE your DREAM, MAKE that JUMP! Who’s with me??! If you are, tell me something that you put off but are now doing it (however small/big it is).

Below are some items from my sister’s online shop, The Curated Boutique,! So much fun taking pictures from places, near and far!

My sister wearing the black motorcycle jacket taken in San Francisco. 🙂

Me, modeling the same jacket in downtown Sacramento and slightly (more than) uncomfortable modeling clothes lol. I prefer to be behind the scenes.

Sister, with pink pom sweater, taken in front of a mural in Midtown Sacramento.

Here’s a close up of this beautiful sweater that I bought for myself! I love the poms or whatever you want to call it!

Off the shoulder pink dress, taken at The Stanford Shopping Center, where we drove 1.5 hours each way just for Boba Guys jasmine milk tea and Sprinkles cupcakes! 🙂

Other sister, modeling the white lace peplum top