Annual trip – lake of the ozarks

We are finally able to commenced our annual trip tradition and this time it’s Kansas City, Missouri! I can still remember the taste of the Pigwich sandwich at the City Market and the delicious Z-man sandwich at Joe’s KC BbQ, an unsuspecting bbq joint next to the gas station. It is slices of smoked beef brisket, onion ring, and Joe’s bbq sauce sandwich, with fresh pickles on the side and side orders of french fries and the best Mac and Cheese I’ve ate, to date! I would go back to Kansas City for that meal alone, lol.

At the start of our journey! At the airport. 🙂

At the fountain in the center of Kansas City wearing our sterling silvers hammered hoops that we got from a silversmith at the Art Plaza Fair!

Union Station, of Kansas City! Are all Union Station so historic and beautiful?!?

This is probably my most favorite image from the trip, taken by Cas, of course! It was the night we waited at sunset til nightfall at the top of the Ha Ha Tonka National Park, Bridal Cave, to capture the galaxy! It was a beautiful cool night, with the crickets chirping, and view of the Ozark. It was a night shot full of stars, more than I ever seen! And sooo many more with the camera lens that we couldn’t even begin to imagined!

Such a fun trip! I can’t wait to see where we go next! Always an amazing time with the lovely Cas Pham, who will forever be my favorite traveling companion. 🙂