Foray into the City

Another foray into the city! This time with my sister. These images combine my love of photography, fashion, and architecture! My sister, shown in the images, was more than happy to be my model and I can’t be more thrilled! She’s a makeup artist, fashionista, and marketing guru and has her own blog over at theeverydayelevated,com. if ya’ll ever need a new blog to read.  I still need to fine tune my photography skills, like taking sharp pictures of the subject. But practice makes perfect right?!? I really love the splendor of San Francisco City Hall. It’s no wonder that so many brides and grooms take their wedding photos here because it’s beautiful and of course, FREE to enter. That’s a good selling point for me.

On this trip we walked along Mission Street and Van Ness. I don’t believe I ever been on this side of town. Mission Street is busy and rambunctious and full of life. We went down that street mainly to visit Anaise, a minimalist women’s clothing store that carries the binu-binu korean soap line that I really like! My cousin gave me one as a gift and ever since then I couldn’t wait to try out more! The packaging and soap design is so simple and beautiful which is the main reason I like it. Plus the natural ingredients and process doesn’t hurt. 🙂 They have beautiful pottery there…a little more than I’m willing to pay at this time..but beautiful nevertheless. That’s the next thing I want to pursue…pottery and ceramic!


S U C C U L E N T and F L O W E R S

I’m not sure when all this wool felt flowers creation started…probably with a baby mobile I created over a year ago and it sort of just blew up from there! I really love the colors and feel of this merino wool blend felt from benzie felt. My latest favorites are these succulents out of wool felt. Although I love the real plants too…these wool felt offer many decorative options without the watering and dirt that comes along with it.

Anybody owns an etsy shop that is struggling with sales like me? I just can’t seem to get more views. Maybe there’s just too many competition out there? Til next time…

Calaveras Bridges Hiking Trail

Probably one of my favorite hikes of the year…(full disclosure: I think I’ve only been on one so far lol)…but I’ve been to several last year and this by far is breathtakingly beautiful and majestic with the cave that we swam and lugged our backpacks across. The water is cold but manageable. The cave itself is probably less than a 1/4 mile. I sure wish I have a water camera for those moments to capture the inside of the cave but memories will have to suffice. It is beautiful and momentous in its grandeur. I love natural arches. This is definitely a hike you want to experience if you live in the northern valley or even if you don’t. It’s a short drive from Stockton, about an hour or so. We had a nice relaxing lunch on the other side of the stream, thanks to Mel who brought a lot of fresh fruits and banh mi and my brother and Kasey who brought the protein (beef jerkey and nuts). There was an older couple who was interested in going through the cave so my brother and Kase generously offer their inflatables inner tubes (?) to them. Gratuit! Such a pay it forward moment that for the rest of their life they will have us to thank for that precious memory. So much fun!!! I will definitely do this hike again!  


ravaged B E A U T Y




Recently a client asked me to replicate a mobile like the one on the very top and it has inspired me soo much that I created another two mobiles with the same “ravaged” beauty in mind! The crazy messy unkempt natural beauty that these mobiles portray. I think they will look so lovely in a garden-inspired room! Or any whimsical baby’s nursery. I thought some more of what I really what I want to do…and I think I would like to design nursery spaces! But I’m not sure where to start…since I don’t have an interior design degree or any experiences…well aside from personal home projects which I have to say I’m quite proud of. In an ideal situation, it will be cool if there were contractors or residential architects who has a small business and looking for a design partner (the design aspect) and I can step in! I guess with working on my little shop I haven’t taken the necessary steps to make it happen yet. But as my shop and products get more noticed maybe something will happen. 🙂 The next big thing for my shop is happening this friday at the Fountains in Roseville! I’m setting my expectations low but this event will gain more exposure for my products. Stay tuned and I will let you know how it goes and of course pictures from the event.