First Mobile I ever Created – Updated

This color scheme was the first wool felt baby mobile I ever created! And this continue to be one of the favorites in my shop! Because of a client’s custom request to have felt leaves adorn the wooden ring on the outside…I’m now adding it to my shop because the addition makes it so sweet. But I do love it with the natural bamboo showing too. Can’t decide. That is life.

And below is a new one I just created! I do love the addition of the hanging tassels. So dreamy right?!? With colored walls this one will sure stand out! I just need to find or create a nursery to showcase these beauties! I’m open to suggestions. 🙂

Thanks for sticking with me while I go on and on about these mobiles! I haven’t follow thru with my internal goal for this blog…to write about different themes/adventures as I would like to. I hope to change that soon. 🙂



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