A breath of fresh air

I’ve been feeling off for weeks now…lingering chest pain and teeth inflammation scare. I finally made an appt and went to the dentist today. As it turns out, it was nothing serious. I just needed that reassurance. And just like that…a sigh of relief. As always a trip to the dentist…means hanging out with my sister afterwards…cause it’s in Midtown. Going to my favorite clothing boutique, Cuffs, and, of course, getting Jasmine or Roasted Oolong milk tea sans boba at Bober Tea is a must-have! Also took the chance to walk around midtown and taking pictures against the fall foliage and autumn harvest.

I also did some product photography for new items in my shop! Woodland Fox Ornaments!

We all need that…just a day to revitalize our spirit and to enjoy life in its simplest moments.