train ride through the swiss alps

Switzerland, so different than the Youtube videos I watched, even though I told myself not to watch it so I can have a new experience and no expectations. But, my experience there, so memorable nonetheless. We got a 6-day Swiss Pass for $400 that allow us to hop on any trains, buses, and even boats that we wanted. This is not in chronological order, but we spent 2 days in Switzerland, then 1 day in Milan, than back to Switzerland for a few days, then 1 last layover day/night in Copenhagen. We took a 5 hrs train ride to Milan, Italy for a day/night and it was only 7 euro per person I believe. We didn’t know we have to make reservations so I think that cost a bit more. We wanted to see the Last Supper painting but didn’t realize that it has to be reserved a month or more in advance so we unfortunately, we didn’t see it. Instead we walked around Milan and saw one of the castle. We sat down for dinner at one of the outdoor pizzeria and had the most funniest moment to date. As usual we order too much food. Each one of us wanted to try something quinessential Italian cause it was our “last supper” in Milan before we head back to Switzerland. We ordered 2 pizzas, one with hot dogs and potato chips on it and the other I can’t remember, a calzone, and pasta. We asked for to-go boxes cause we didn’t want them to think their food wasn’t good. And to be honest, we weren’t really planning on eating it again, since it wasn’t good and no microwave at our hotel to reheat it. The waiter looked at us, pondering for a couple seconds, how many boxes we needed. We later researched only to find out that Italians usually don’t take food “to go” or leftovers with them. I guess, in Italy, they give the leftovers to the dogs/cats. We ended up leaving it on top of the trash can for the homeless people. Lololol, stupid unaware Americans, lol. Just Milano hotel is a really nice hotel, with wall-to-ceiling concrete tiles which I really like! It is in a good location too! Walking distance to the central train station of Milan! The train station itself is so beautiful with its ornate stone walls and ceilings! Like a museum.

Next day we went to visit Duomo Cathedral. We took the elevator all the way to top! And the rooftop as well as as the rest of the cathedral is breathtakingly beautiful! The intricate carvings/details that went into the construction/design of this sacred place is out of this world. I am so humble to be surrounded and to be able to witness for myself the love/dedication that the artisans put into this work of art.

I have to say my favorite stay in Switzerland is in Täsch and Gruyere. Täsch (or pronounced Teshe) is a little town, 5 minutes train ride from Zermatt (resort town of the Matterhorn) where stayed for 2 nights. It has a patio with a beautiful view of the mountains and trains! The train tracks run past our hotel but it’s so quiet that you can’t even hear the trains! Here in the midst of winter is where we bundle up with our blankets and had the bitterest hot chocolate known to man, lol! Hahaha, ahhh…hot chocolate and fondue, quintessential Swiss experiences which doesn’t live up to expectations, lol. To be fair, we unknowingly bought cacoa powder instead of hot chocolate mix.

Onwards to the Matterhorn!

We were literally on top of the world! Atop the clouds! Such freedom! The liberation and joy of a life well-lived and the excitement of doing the things we love!

View from our train ride across Switzerland. I always love riding on trains. Something so cozy and adventurous about it. Traveling with our suitcases, backpacks, our entire possession, with us, as we embark on our next destinations. Maybe because we don’t really have train tracks/train journey that goes across the states like Europe do. Almost every European countries are reachable by train!

Beautiful Lucerne with its Lion monument carved in rock and its wooden bridge that span across the lake!

Church in Lucerne.

Around Chateau du Gruyere! My little brother atop the castle’s wall! Looks like a profile pic for his Linked in, lol.

Even their fire hydrant is a work of art!

Little brother and I just posing in front of a beautiful ornate frame inside the chateau! Look at that chandelier!

Talk about gay, lol! Little brother and bro-in-law being their usual cute gayness self. Hmm…I’m thinking I should get them a large canvas print?!

Hard to sum up our adventures in Switzerland but it was such a beautiful, wonderful time. Us, trekking up our hotel room in Gruyere with it’s treacherous rocky incline with our rolling suitcases! LOL. Oh man, it almost took my life, or every ounce of strength in me. I mean I guessed we could’ve gotten a taxi or a horse drawn sleigh but it wouldn’t have been memorable otherwise, lol. Here in Gruyere is where we tried fondue (2x) without success. One turned out to be just different type of meat in boiling water with different dipping sauces, lol. For future reference, that’s what they mean by “chinois sauce.” The second and last attempt at fondue was just steamed potatoes dipped in 2 kinds of cheese! Gruyere with its castle and cheese and chocolate factory! So fun and educational! And where I drank from the public fountain in the town square.

Our last night/day of our European tour was in Copenhagen! We walked around the town center and had open-face sandwiches amidst the crowd and heater! It is also where I got my first tattoo on my wrist, which my little brother gifted me!

I forgot to go inside this Christmas store in my excitement to get my tattoo! But I would’ve loved to get one of these “houses” for my Christmas decor.