austin to New Orleans

Nice little trip to Austin to visit my sisters and quick road trip to New Orleans to visit Cafe du Monde which have been on my bucket list for so long ever since watching Chef, the movie. Spent a few nights in Austin checking out new cafes/restaurant with sisters and sisters’s friends, Isela and Merari. Such kind and genuine gals. I believe that everything happens for a reason and I know that without a doubt, she will make a full recovery, more aware and awakened than ever after this near death experience. Sending her healing vibes. If not now, when.

Beautiful exterior and interior space of Proud Mary’s coffee shop in Austin. Took some pictures for my sister’s new start-up business! So proud of her for striving for her dreams, however uncomfortable, unknown it is. That’s where changes take place…being outside of our elements. 🙂

Onwards to New Orleans! French Quarter! Such a beautiful, colorful, historic part of New Orleans. First night/dinner in New Orleans. I got jambalaya while my sister got some bean soup.

First breakfast of lameness in French Quarters, lol. Very disappointing meal. Clearly, you can messed up scrambled eggs, hash browns, sausage, and omelettes, lol. Should’ve known, the place was really spacious and not a guest in sight. Next time, chose a place with nice atmosphere or view because if the food sucks, at least you have a beautiful view as compensation, lol.

I finally got the coveted beignets from Cafe Du Monde! The first one I had was good, but it wasn’t piping hot because I didn’t eat it right away…probably 30 mins afterwards. The second one I ate 2 hrs later and I would give it a 5/10. The last one, my sister ate it and it was hard and that was 8 hrs later. I guess they don’t have a long lifespan lol. I bought a canister of Cafe du Monde coffee to take home and enjoy. Airport Security in Austin did find it suspicious so they had to do a chemical/drug test on the canister. Good thing I had time or I would’ve been late for my flight home.

Always Mardi Gras here in French Quarter of New Orleans. Sister loves posing in front of unique architecture, while I love having a subject for my photos, lol.

We were looking for the old French courtyard in the postcard that I bought from a stationary store but couldn’t find it…but stumbled upon this private courtyard that had their gates open though! The person, homeowner I presume, was at the window, but was nice enough to not chase us out, lol. So peaceful there with its magnolia tree and fountain.

Check out that horse iron post!

Walked along the riverwalk of Mississippi River. Train in front of Jackson Square.

All in all, a short fun trip to Austin and New Orleans with the sisters! A chance to discover and explore new places and make new friends!