Fall Wedding Accessories


Recently a repeat customer of mine who bought two wool felt flowers tiara/circlet already asked me if I can do a complementing boutonniere and another circlet for her flower girl and ring bearer and I told her I can try since I haven’t done a boutonniere before. But I do love a challenge! The blush pink combo was the one I’ve created for her. From that it inspired me to create the fall wedding line, with burgundy, blush, and ivory tones which I am absolutely in love with! I love velvet and warm muted tones, textures, layers, and everything that accompanies the start of the fall season. I don’t have a favorite season because I like them all equally (I think :)).  They each have their perks! Like scarves, beanies, snow, wool coat, and hot chocolate, coffee for the winter; light floral scarf, fresh blooms, garden for spring; swimming, kayaking, water fights, camping for the summer; trench coat, orange and yellow leaves, pumpkin spice latte, velvet anything for the fall are among my most favorite things about each season.

What are you looking forward to this Autumn?


The Life and Time of Bubble-Loo Tran

Bubbles, our beloved dog, has left this world on August 12, 2017 during nightfall. She doesn’t really have a middle name but she certainly has a lot of nicknames: Bubbie, Goo, Googie, Bubs, Bubbleloo, Princess (as my sister called her). She was a 16 and half years old Labrador mix and was adopted at four months by my brother on his birthday at our local SPCA. She was a kind soul. She never really barked anyone except random strangers passing by in the night. She loved rolling in the grass. I remembered there were several times that she ran away from home and it scared me that someone might run her over, but we didn’t have to worry, she was so fast and one smart cookie! She always found her way back home though…one time covered in mud, because baby must have frolicked in the mud behind our neighborhood. What a grand adventure she must have embarked on! I thought by writing this down, it will help ease the pain of her passing, but it does not. Instead I write this as way to remember her. Her memories will always live on and I will keep her in my heart til the day I leave this earth as well. I will always be grateful to my brother and his partner for letting my sister and I spend the last few days with Bubbles at their house. The night before we decided to put her to sleep, to end her suffering, I remembered taking her out to walk, but she just stood there by the door, her head drooping/leaning against the door frame…I knew then it was time…she looked so exhausted, so tired, like she was hanging on by a thread for our sake, that she was ready to leave this life. That image haunts me, it stays with me, it won’t leave me. My little baby. She was soo strong and active her entire life and to witness this, her life force leaving her, her physical body failing her fills me with incredible sadness. The fragility of life. I hope to see her again one day. She has enriched my life.

Woodland Theme Nursery

  1. String of Hearts hanging plant – Pistils Nursery
  2. Woven Wall Hanging – Erin Eckenrode Shop
  3. Wellington Pendant Lamp – Houzz
  4. Succulent Wool Felt Baby Mobile – Sweet Enchantement
  5. Enchanting Woodland Fox Tiara – Sweet Enchantement
  6. Hexagon Wood Shelves – Hugh Scott Designs
  7. Delta Children Milo 3-in-1 Convertible Crib – Target
  8. Cactus Crib Sheet – Hudson Baby Company
  9. Cactus Crib Sheet – Hudson Baby Company
  10. Viking the Fox Stuffed Toy – Lesne
  11. Delta Children Emma Glider Rocker Chair – Target
  12. Deer Antlers Wall Decor – Sweet Enchantement
  13. Leaf Changing Pad – Hudson Baby Company
  14. Hemnes 8-drawer dresser – Ikea
  15. Fox Dress – lisalisadesign
  16. Llama Head Wall Decor – Target
  17. Wire Woven Geo Basket – Target

Gold Birthday Rings Suite and Random Items

I should really come up with more interesting and cohesive tagline but alas you’re stuck with these! I don’t really have a blog goal so far…or timeline of content to post..so I like to apologize in advance. However, I really like to take pictures of new items I’ve been creating or really just about anything that looks cool in a flatlay, playing around with textures and different elements etc.

I recently worked with a client to create these gold ring decor for her daughters’ second birthday. I have a feeling it’s going to be so elegantly understated. Who says birthdays have to be just balloons and silly strings and plastic table cover? Not me! Growing up (okay til this day) I was always made to feel bad if I spent time decorating a place or just about anything creative. Most often times, I always get comments like, you must have a lot of time on your hand or something made to be negative. I realized now that those  people who make comments like that are just jealous… 🙂 or they are not creative themselves or they like to put people down to build them up or all of the above. And then they have the audacity to ask me to help them…HA! I think not. So to all the creative people out there…I say..Don’t ever diminish your light for the sake of others. It’s who you are…the way you look at the world, your sensitivity, your passion and ultimately, your empathy that makes this world good and safe and beautiful.


I got a glowing review from this client btw that just totally made my day! Thank you!! Thank you for taking the time out to leave a review…it means a great deal to a little start-up shop like mine. 🙂

Binu-binu soaps are so beautiful and the packaging so beautifully simple and elegant that I’m totally hooked. They are a little pricey at $18 but oh so worth it for the indulgent. Sometimes (all the time) you should treat yourself. I scored this really awesome gray suede stud bag at my local crossroads for only $11! And of course this pillow case cover for only $1 new (or sample) at the Galt Outdoor Market. Don’t you just love the texture?!? And of course the black heels which haven’t been worn yet at Macys for only $22! Don’t you love it when you just find amazing deals?!?!


Unicorn, Fox, and Deer…Oh My!

Introducing my newest collection of enchanting hair crown/tiara for your little one! These are perfect for everyday play or photo prop or an upcoming birthday! They are lightweight and made of magic and love and will last for years to come! I have the unicorn, fox, and deer so far.

Which one is your favorite?