Wedding Invitation Suites Unveiled…..

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Unveiled…get it? Yep, I’m a dork, got that memo a looong time ago. I’m slowly working on getting the rest of the wedding invitation suites ready to market. I’ve created these seed packets wedding favors that doubles as seating assignments as an economical option for the wedding party. Not only are they budget-friendly but functional and lovely too! Most of the weddings I’ve attended gave out chocolate boxes, plastic rings/shoes, shot glasses, etc…which I end up not using and tossing or collecting dust somewhere. So I did some brainstorming and came up with these seed packets which set the theme for this garden-inspired wedding. I used glassine wax bags for the seeds because I like the opaque translucent look of it. But you can also use brown bags for a natural/rustic feel. You can also attached several of them to wooden sticks and placed them in plant pots or get bigger frames if you have a lot of guests. Ahhh…the options are endless! In the back of the labels are plant care instructions and can be customizable depending on the plant type.

So if anybody is planning a wedding soon and thought these invites and corresponding items will be perfect, please contact me via my email or my etsy shop (if I ever get around to pricing these). 🙂







It’s that magical time of the year…







…where you can mix and match so many warm textures together! Like velvet, wool, sparkles and satin…to name a few. I’ve been incognito for the last several weeks because truthfully I haven’t been inspired. Just recently I made my first sale on my etsy shop from someone other than my family and it just revived my creative juice. So here I go with my holiday wreaths, hair crowns, and fairy wands. The products above are all available on my etsy shop. 🙂 Did I mention I love working with wool felt and sequins etc?!?

I can’t believe how the months have passed and soon it will be 2017! Looking back I noticed that most if not all of my blog posts have been about the products I’ve been making and not much about life in general. I guess since I quit my job back in June, this side (main) business has been a big part of my life. I find myself putting more hours some days…which is good I guess because I don’t really think of it as work. It’s almost the new year which means time for new resolutions again. Why wait til the new years right? I guess it gives people reason to wait…to put it off…for a more concrete time frame.

One of mine is to branch out more…write about different topics on my blog. Another is to finally learn Spanish. Take more pictures! What are your goals next year?