Calaveras Bridges Hiking Trail

Probably one of my favorite hikes of the year…(full disclosure: I think I’ve only been on one so far lol)…but I’ve been to several last year and this by far is breathtakingly beautiful and majestic with the cave that we swam and lugged our backpacks across. The water is cold but manageable. The cave itself is probably less than a 1/4 mile. I sure wish I have a water camera for those moments to capture the inside of the cave but memories will have to suffice. It is beautiful and momentous in its grandeur. I love natural arches. This is definitely a hike you want to experience if you live in the northern valley or even if you don’t. It’s a short drive from Stockton, about an hour or so. We had a nice relaxing lunch on the other side of the stream, thanks to Mel who brought a lot of fresh fruits and banh mi and my brother and Kasey who brought the protein (beef jerkey and nuts). There was an older couple who was interested in going through the cave so my brother and Kase generously offer their inflatables inner tubes (?) to them. Gratuit! Such a pay it forward moment that for the rest of their life they will have us to thank for that precious memory. So much fun!!! I will definitely do this hike again! ¬†



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