Foray into the City

Another foray into the city! This time with my sister. These images combine my love of photography, fashion, and architecture! My sister, shown in the images, was more than happy to be my model and I can’t be more thrilled! She’s a makeup artist, fashionista, and marketing guru and has her own blog over at theeverydayelevated,com. if ya’ll ever need a new blog to read.  I still need to fine tune my photography skills, like taking sharp pictures of the subject. But practice makes perfect right?!? I really love the splendor of San Francisco City Hall. It’s no wonder that so many brides and grooms take their wedding photos here because it’s beautiful and of course, FREE to enter. That’s a good selling point for me.

On this trip we walked along Mission Street and Van Ness. I don’t believe I ever been on this side of town. Mission Street is busy and rambunctious and full of life. We went down that street mainly to visit Anaise, a minimalist women’s clothing store that carries the binu-binu korean soap line that I really like! My cousin gave me one as a gift and ever since then I couldn’t wait to try out more! The packaging and soap design is so simple and beautiful which is the main reason I like it. Plus the natural ingredients and process doesn’t hurt. 🙂 They have beautiful pottery there…a little more than I’m willing to pay at this time..but beautiful nevertheless. That’s the next thing I want to pursue…pottery and ceramic!


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