Sneak Preview of “The Adventures of Aimeli Marcelle” line!

I’ve been showcasing some of my paintings of Aimeli Marcelle, but now I’m ready to show you more of it!Β  Maybe I’ll show you a different one each post to build interest? πŸ™‚ I still need to learn how to take really sharp pictures so I can send to print. Just another thing to add to my checklist..yeesh…ever have those days where you tackle on so many projects that the list is endless? Tackling this self-starter business sure takes a lot of time! πŸ™‚ I’m also starting my pinterest board. Who wants to be my marketing guru?!? I can’t pay you yet, how about in virtual hugs and smiles? πŸ™‚ Ca? Since, I know you are my devoted reader and I’m so grateful for you everyday. No matter how busy you are with the girls you always make the time to check up on me. Chi Thy, if you are reading this…thank you my dear! My lil brother Chink (it’s a slightly derogatory nickname which I mean no offense) who’s always supporting me. What is this? It’s not “Thanksgiving” or “Day of Thanks” but I know it’s really important that when we can, we make the effort to let the people we care about, know. You just never know…there is so much violent in the world, so much unrest, not to mention life threatening diseases, like cancer, alzheimer, and so many that takes away our quality of life, take away our dear ones too soon, so many cars on the road, too many people in a hurry to get from Point A to Point B that accidents abound. Thanks for letting me rant! I read the news today about the “Neo-Nazis” and the “Anti-Fascists” rally that happened yesterday around the Capitol of Sacramento and it saddens me, makes me sick…so close to my home. There is nowhere safe. Everyone is afraid to go anywhere and can you blame them? There’s no sense of community…I’ve always wanted a place like that, like the Gilmore Girls.

Back to the original intent of my post…I think/I know I mentioned this before, but “Aimeli Marcelle” (pronounced em-ma-lee mar-sale) is an anagram of all my nieces’ names. Well for Aivy, Maila, Gemma, Amelia, Emily, and Allie…can’t say for future ones unless they stick to similar names. πŸ™‚ I created her for them, for their moms, as a symbol of the magic, the enchantment still left in this world. That they can grow up to be anyone and everything. Fighter, Dreamer, Artist, Healer, Educator, Lover, Adventurer, etc. That they never “grow up” that they maintain their childlike quality, their zest for learning, their kindness, their belief in “good” will always outweigh the evils of the world, that they treat everyone with equal respect and kindness, unless shown otherwise. We need more people like that in the world.

I refer to the featured image as “Snow White” because the flowers on her crown and her shirt reminds me of her character. Snow White spent a lot of time in the wild with the Seven Dwarves when her stepmother, the queen took over control of her realm. And because of the colors too!

I will be adding the rest of the Aimeli Marcelle’s paintings on the pinterest page if you want to check it out! Right side of the page under “Social”. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy creating them!

Over and out,

Peace Mongler



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