An Ode to Barcelona!

Earlier this year I went on a trip to Barcelona, home to Antoni Gaudi’s beautifully whimsical architectures. His buildings are work of art and I cannot begin to describe what it’s like to witness it all. To see it, to experience it. His buildings are so fairy tale, whimsical-like, unlike any traditional buildings that you see everywhere. It’s like being in a magical fun house for adults. Each building different and unique but also signature of Gaudi’s style. He wasn’t afraid to be different. He spent most of his later years, 16+ years working on the Sagrada Familia, til his death. I admired his passion and singular devotion to his art.

There were so many moments that I wished to share with you but I feel overwhelmed putting down in words. Barcelona changed me. As do a lot of other places abroad. Each time I returned from a trip I feel different. Renewed.

Barcelona I learned is home to so many talented street musicians. I was fortunate to witness one soo truly beautiful that it brings tears to my eyes and for the rest of my life I will never forget that moment. It was around Park Guell. I wanted to go inside the whimsical sculpture park that Gaudi created but unfortunately the next show was in 3 hours and I wanted to go to a friend’s gathering so instead I walked around the outskirt of the actual park. It must’ve been fate that I didn’t go in because I was lucky to hear this violinist. The duo was playing in this natural rock enclave and the acoustic was out of this world amazing. I regretted not recording a full song because of my phone battery was low and I still had to get back to my hotel. But, fortunately for me, there were many that uploaded their recording on youtube. I’ve included this link here: This does not come close to hearing it live, but still beautiful nonetheless.


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