Keep on Trekking……………

I’m fast forwarding one year from now…trying to imagine what I will be doing…if my new business will thrive or will it fall flat. It has been a constant struggle lately, a lot of self-doubt. I know a lot of people feel that way at the beginning…wondering if they can be successful in their chosen market/career. I’ve been working/designing wedding invitation/suites lately and toying with the idea of printing them on my laser printer to market, but there’s already so many design templates out there that I wonder if people will want my designs. Or am I just wasting my time? Arghhhh! Do any of you ever feel that way? Probably, right?

I got this beautiful navy blue laser cut wedding invitation from my cousin Tammy’s wedding and it inspire me to create this wedding suite. I just love the intricacies of that laser cut folder. Is paper art/design a dying form? Do people still like receiving it? Or do they just tossed it out?



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