Nothing ventured, nothing gained…

There are some days that I get kind of frustrated and overwhelmed that I won’t be able to support myself financially, that I have all these ideas/projects that might not panned out the way I want them too. So I find myself switching projects, never really finishing one and tackling another…I know it’s my way of not really committing to one thing because of the possibility of failure. We all been there before right?!? Telling ourselves that it’s just a hobby. Well, soon my finances will dwindled so I really have to set down goals for myself. Baby steps. I got my business cards! Of course that was a process in it itself…I want them to be amazing, foil stamped, spot varnish, on special luxe paper, something that spoke about my business, but I talked myself into toning it down, reducing the cost for the first run to see how it goes before buying bulk. So to save money I attempted some diy with spray painting the edge…did not worked as I would like. Next attempt will be just using a paint brush and painting them. Keep on trekking!

Thanks for bearing with me as I went into details about my daily obstacles. Although there are definite downside about not working in a steady 8 to 5 job…like the money, of course, and use of office supplies (I know we all do it) but I really really enjoyed waking up later during the day and just having time to do all these projects. Today I worked on these flower crowns/circlets that I’m really happy with. Will post pictures soon.


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