Washington Road Trip!!!

Just got back from an impromptu road trip to Washington with my sisters, who are looking to relocate somewhere different and nature-esque outside of Sacramento! Drove 9+ hours to Seattle. Seattle reminds me of San Francisco, but less busy. And definitely less sunshine. New York, Seattle, and San Franciso…the trifecta. San Francisco has tons of people milling about…all on their headphones and phones. Seattle, a little less slower paced, less touristy, and not as much people on their phones, definite plus. New York has more of a theater, performing arts vibe, with people on the streets, putting on performances. I love visiting bustling cities but maybe not live in one. We stayed a night in Seattle and visit the Public Market Center both at night and in the morning time. Walked around the area and went down to the pier and had lunch there. No sitting area there but there are plans in the work to make the pier area more of a hangout area.


Headed down to Vancouver, Washington. The city where my sister wants to live based on a recommendation. It wasn’t what we expected. It never is. Giant sunflowers grew in this little neighborhood garden where tomatoes abound.

Had dessert/late dinner appetizer at this floating cafe on Hayden Island which is actually in Portland. There I had some delicious fresh blackberry crumble with vanilla bean ice cream! So good that I’m going to try to replicate it. Not too sweet..just right. There’s something very home-y comforting about fresh fruit pies with ice cream. Goodbye Washington!




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