Fall Wedding Accessories


Recently a repeat customer of mine who bought two wool felt flowers tiara/circlet already asked me if I can do a complementing boutonniere and another circlet for her flower girl and ring bearer and I told her I can try since I haven’t done a boutonniere before. But I do love a challenge! The blush pink combo was the one I’ve created for her. From that it inspired me to create the fall wedding line, with burgundy, blush, and ivory tones which I am absolutely in love with! I love velvet and warm muted tones, textures, layers, and everything that accompanies the start of the fall season. I don’t have a favorite season because I like them all equally (I think :)).  They each have their perks! Like scarves, beanies, snow, wool coat, and hot chocolate, coffee for the winter; light floral scarf, fresh blooms, garden for spring; swimming, kayaking, water fights, camping for the summer; trench coat, orange and yellow leaves, pumpkin spice latte, velvet anything for the fall are among my most favorite things about each season.

What are you looking forward to this Autumn?


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