Memories of Vietnam

My favorite beach in all of Vietnam! This one is behind my grandpa’s house in Thuan An. Hai Tien Beach. The water is so clear, refreshing, salty and warm at times. I prefer it to be a tad cooler cause it’s sweltering hot when we went. The sand is nice and soft. I have to warned you though, there is a bit (more than a bit :)) of trash littered in the surrounding sand area. The locals, government hasn’t really figured out the trash collection pickup situation yet, because the residents still burn some of their trash! That’s probably what I missed most of my trip to Vietnam…daily swim in the ocean, steps from where we reside. 🙂

Those are my extended family from Chicago!

Japanese Garden of Hanoi. Peaceful oasis right in the middle of the busy city!

Highlight of my trip is definitely going to Ha Long Bay! This place has been on my bucket list for some time and it does not disappoint. There was a major setback in the beginning, when the NIGHT before, the cruise emailed me telling me that our original cruise boat is being repaired and they have to change the arrival port to Cat Bay, instead of Ha Long Bay! Grrrr…we were in Hanoi already, so we had to go with the change regardless, but that was soo frustrating!!!!! Typical Vietnamese! I know I’m hating on my peeps now…but it seems that’s how they do it over there. What probably happened is that they overbooked! I booked through Agoda, instead of buying directly from Pelican Cruise, to save a few bucks so learning lesson for me.

All in all, we had an amazing one night stay through Azalea Cruise! I would definitely recommend going on a cruise to see Ha Long Bay. A one night stay per person is only ~$125-150 depending where you book. But it includes meals and activities, like kayaking, cave exploring, swimming, squid fishing, tai chi, etc.

View from our balcony! You just can’t beat the swaying of the water as you sleep and seeing this view as you drink your morning coffee/tea! If I had one more day to take it all in…but we all wish for that don’t we?! Soo much to seeeeee and to doooooo.

This is actually in Korea, on our one night layover! The Palace of Prospering Virtue, Changdeokgung Palace. This couple rented those traditional Korean outfits and was kind enough to take pictures with us! They are actually from Los Angeles!

Yes, something exciting happened on this trip!!! My little brother is engaged!!! This is actually his third proposal picture. LOL…the first and real one happened in Cat Bay Island when we were leaving the cave. I recorded a video. His answer was soo funny and hilarious…he thought it was a joke. The second proposal shot was right before the one below, different doorway…but due to bad lighting, I retook the picture from this angle/doorway. Awwww…this makes me sooo happy! Kasey, his fiance, the one proposing, actually told me months ago that he was going to propose in Vietnam….I/him just didn’t know when so it was a surprise to me as well. :))))))))

Dried seafood market.

The Hiking Crew

The first hike we did was last year…I can’t remember the name of the place but it was pretty damn awesome! I think I wrote about it many posts ago. 🙂

Last weekend we went nearby to Cosumnes River Preserve. It’s just a reminder that beauty is everywhere. Not our usual hike up and around the mountain, but peaceful and beautiful nevertheless as we walked through wooden planks and dirt path.

I love these rust color fern thingy. Not sure what they are, but they make such a pretty landscape, don’t they?!

And my little brother being his usual goofy self! Sexy squat was what he’s going for? Muahahah.

If I can walk through a forest my whole life through…..

So many wild berries, that I was so tempted to eat…but I was discouraged to eat them. JP would know if they are safe or not.

Next week, we are doing Cascade Falls! Stay tuned for pictures! And always, thanks for coming along on this adventure with me! I hope this makes you go out there and explore! It doesn’t have to be far.

Victorian Mobile

First custom mobile I created for 2019! I have to say, I’m a big fan of mustard color! BIG! So, when a client of mine asked me to create a mobile based on the crib sheet below, I was beyond excited! With a touch of gold, ivory, blush, mustard, and a muted dark pink red (not really sure what to call that color) this mobile has a victorian garden appeal!


First Bridal Bouquet Ever!

This is my first bridal bouquet that I ever created…and it’s more time-assuming that I first thought. At the time, I swore it’s going to be my last…lol…but I just loved how it turned out! I designed it for a client who bought the hairpiece and boutonnière that I have in my shop. I bought that bark overlay several months ago and been hoping for an opportunity to use it in my flowers creation…and there we go! I love the textural/natural element it adds to the bouquet!


Everyday Elevated

This post is aptly named –  The Everyday Elevated – which also happens to be the name of my sister’s company. Today, I took pictures for my sister’s new ventures which includes floral installations and well-being services! Check out if you’re interested in pampering and just elevating your life through fashion, florals + interiors, self-care, etc. I also created a new identity (logo + business cards) for the re-branding of her company! I can’t wait to show you the business cards when it comes in! My sisters and I headed to Downtown Lodi to take pictures at a coffee shop. Unfortunately, Inspire, was closed…they were headed to Disneyland! I love their tagline though…fuel your dreams, which is exactly what they did, lol! But, we found another shop that sold coffee though and just took pictures outside the wine bar, which Lodi have so many of!


My sister, spotted this really nice juxtaposition of colors on this building so I took some pictures of my other sister just because she’s the best dressed out of us, lol. Looking at the pictures closely, I can see how it’s not as sharp as I would like but, I do love the composition. I love all three shots equally, so I placed them all here. Which one do you like more? I’m loving her outfit…cute boots, dress, and carry-all!

“I found the ONE.” Wedding dress that is! Both my sisters fell in love with this dress on display. Normally, they don’t care or look at wedding dresses but this one caught their eyes that they actually went inside to inquire. 🙂 I can only describe it as whimsical.

We also happened upon this cute boutique where I found this mustard dress! I love little boutique with beautiful unique items.

All in all, a perfect day filled with creativity, productivity, exploring new places, and coffee! My kind of day. Every day should be like this day…but it can’t because if it was…it won’t be memorable/special. Here’s to many more in the new year, and beyond.

Best of 2018

2018 is almost ending and I just like to take the chance to reflect back on the whirlwind year of Sweet Enchantement! I can’t believe it’s been 2 years since I quit my full-time job and embarked on this small business venture of mine. There has been ups and downs, but I have to say mostly “UPs” since I’m doing what I love and creating these items has given me great fulfillment. It’s like everything I ever dreamed up in my head and now actually seeing it comes to fruition has been rewarding, to say the least. These 9 images/items are probably my most favorite, to date. 🙂 Do you have a favorite?

What’s in store for 2019, you asked? More creations, more adventures, and taking more chances! #bescaredbutdoitanyways is going to be my tagline for 2019. Thanks for following along!

Holiday 2018


Took some pictures for my sister’s holiday/New Years photo cards. In the next year, I would like to take more photos. Lol, I think I’ve been saying that for the last couple years!


The day before I have to leave for my 10 days trip to Portugal, another mass shooting had happened in Thousand Oaks, CA. This time it was different, it was someone we know who’s niece is a victim of this senseless crime. Tamara Mowry Housley’s niece, Alaina Housley. Anyone who grew up watching Sister, Sister definitely can relate. I’ve always admired Tamara’s interracial family and her extended family is as well. And my hearts go out to them. Alaina was only 18 years old, beginning Pepperdine University. A life cut tragically short. This gloomy frame of mind and with my anxiety of traveling alone only compounded the loneliness I was feeling. So I went searching on the internet for how other people cope with this feeling. I know I’m not alone in this, but when I’m feeling this way, it’s hard to find comfort in that. However, I found this blog that really resonated with me. She talked about how to satisfy your basic needs first, like hunger, or just a good night sleep because in those times, stress and tiredness, can heighten your emotional state.

The next day, I met with my group and that anxiety slowly subsided. 🙂 I am grateful for my group, my familia, as our tour leader, Fredy, our papa, calls us. I’ve never been in a tour group before and I feel very fortunate that I was in this one. I always consider myself independent, capable of taking care of myself, but it feels nice that the men in our group, made sure that we feel safe, and were not walking alone at night.

Part of the group toured the Belem Tower.

Patricia and I hiked to the top of the Moorish castle in fairytale town of Sintra. It’s an enchanting castle with tree stump as chairs and little green ponds/waterfalls cascading down the rocks. None of the gold and grandeur that many of the castles have but, to me, more special because of the natural beauty it possess. Green moss and koi fish swims in the pond. Secret hiding spots and trails to explore.

Batalha Monastery with it’s star shaped dope. Magnificent isn’t it? I would like that in my bedroom please

Me, attempting to emulate the cover of the Lonely Planet: Portugal, with it’s blue tiles.

I really love this picture (below)! The archway, blue tile wall, and just that timelessness feeling. It will survive us.

The ancient ruins of Conimbriga. And the adventure we took to get here! Never felt safer with my familia by my side. 🙂

View outside my hotel room in Porto. Probably one of my favorite hotels in all my travels. Nice central location in Porto. Cozy inside with windows that open out into the streets. I didn’t spend much time inside the hotel room but it was nice to come home to. Breakfast area with fresh squeezed orange juice and nice street view also. Julia and I and company would have warm tea at nighttime. Nice ritual in cozy bar. In Cod we trust. LOL. Yep, Portugal is known for their cod fish and I tried it fried, in a stew, baked, etc.

Sunset view at the top of Clerigos Tower.

Porto, by sea, or the Duoro River!

Amazing artist from Russia! I was so tempted to get this painting…but, alas, I have too many and not enough space! I wished I bought it though because it is magnificent (I can’t think of another word).

Amazing adventure for sure! I’m reminded of this excerpt from a book about two female travelers who’s journey was the stuff of nightmares, enough to scare anyone from traveling again, but she did travel again (alone even), because what scared her more was not seeing the world. As my roomie, Kyra Parker, said…if she waited for someone to travel with, she’ll never go anywhere. I work to travel.