Sitting down outside my backyard, enjoying the cool morning breeze before the heat sets in and I’m homebound for the rest of the day til the evening when the temperature drops. I have this inkling to write/type but when I sit down on my computer I feel a little bit overwhelmed. Not sure what to write and so much to write about. This pandemic, protests, riots and just this proclivity towards violence and anger is putting me on the edge as I know the rest of the world is feeling. I feel like we are on the edge of doomsday, world ending! I try to take stock and be grateful for my health and family’s health and that I have employment and a roof over my head. Little baby hummingbird that was born here in my backyard, with the nest on top of the persimmon tree, hovers by. Perhaps reminding me the beauty and transient of life. We will overcome this, stronger! Perhaps even with a more stronger desire to embrace life, to not take it for granted. I feel the hardest thing, but most simplest thing that we can do for the world, for humanity is to be kind. That’s it…BE KIND. Treat others as we like to be treated. I finished reading, The Long Petal of the Sea by Isabel Allende, one of my favorite author. I bought this book on Amazon, based on its cover, lol. My sister had it lying around and the cover was blue and green with mermaid scales. If you ever need a reminder that your life, however hard and difficult it can be at times, is nothing compared to what the collective people had to deal with during World War I or II. The brutality of concentration camps, loss of home and family. Just a book recommendation if you want a thought-provoking read. Til we meet again, friends, stay safe!