The Curated Boutique Collection – Continued

Fall/Winter 2020 Collection of The Curated Boutique is now available at!

I created a makeshift office/closet for my sister’s photoshoot of some of her items in our backyard. Working gals as she calls us! I had a lot fun going around Midtown Sacramento to take pictures of outfits shots in front of these awesome murals! A lot of cute pieces that my sister curated in her first ever collection!



Launch of The Curated Boutique

The one main thing that my sisters and I shared is our love of FASHION! We love clothes! For the most part we have similar taste, but each one of us have our unique style, I guess styles that works with our different body types. So, recently, my sister decided to launch an online boutique of clothes that she loves and to share with other people a place where they can shop affordable and chic clothing with materials/fabrics that she herself would like/buy. I think a lot of online shops these days have really cute fashion styles but the fabric is sorely lacking. The thing I noticed about my sister is that she would only sell items that she stands behind, even if that means ditching a whole line of clothes that she invested in. Now that’s integrity! I’m so proud of my peeps for just putting themselves out there, going after their passion/dream regardless of the end result! I know I sound like a broken record but if the covid pandemic taught us anything is that LIFE is FRAGILE and PRECIOUS and that we shouldn’t take anything for granted so just LIVE your DREAM, MAKE that JUMP! Who’s with me??! If you are, tell me something that you put off but are now doing it (however small/big it is).

Below are some items from my sister’s online shop, The Curated Boutique,! So much fun taking pictures from places, near and far!

My sister wearing the black motorcycle jacket taken in San Francisco. 🙂

Me, modeling the same jacket in downtown Sacramento and slightly (more than) uncomfortable modeling clothes lol. I prefer to be behind the scenes.

Sister, with pink pom sweater, taken in front of a mural in Midtown Sacramento.

Here’s a close up of this beautiful sweater that I bought for myself! I love the poms or whatever you want to call it!

Off the shoulder pink dress, taken at The Stanford Shopping Center, where we drove 1.5 hours each way just for Boba Guys jasmine milk tea and Sprinkles cupcakes! 🙂

Other sister, modeling the white lace peplum top 


Sitting down outside my backyard, enjoying the cool morning breeze before the heat sets in and I’m homebound for the rest of the day til the evening when the temperature drops. I have this inkling to write/type but when I sit down on my computer I feel a little bit overwhelmed. Not sure what to write and so much to write about. This pandemic, protests, riots and just this proclivity towards violence and anger is putting me on the edge as I know the rest of the world is feeling. I feel like we are on the edge of doomsday, world ending! I try to take stock and be grateful for my health and family’s health and that I have employment and a roof over my head. Little baby hummingbird that was born here in my backyard, with the nest on top of the persimmon tree, hovers by. Perhaps reminding me the beauty and transient of life. We will overcome this, stronger! Perhaps even with a more stronger desire to embrace life, to not take it for granted. I feel the hardest thing, but most simplest thing that we can do for the world, for humanity is to be kind. That’s it…BE KIND. Treat others as we like to be treated. I finished reading, The Long Petal of the Sea by Isabel Allende, one of my favorite author. I bought this book on Amazon, based on its cover, lol. My sister had it lying around and the cover was blue and green with mermaid scales. If you ever need a reminder that your life, however hard and difficult it can be at times, is nothing compared to what the collective people had to deal with during World War I or II. The brutality of concentration camps, loss of home and family. Just a book recommendation if you want a thought-provoking read. Til we meet again, friends, stay safe!

Just portraits of my sisters

Just taking some photos for my sister’s lifestyle blog: theeverydayelevated, with her applying makeup for my other sister. One of my goals this year, during pandemic is I’m gonna scout out some local places to take photos.

Create Create Create

Along with self-care; including making time to exercise, cooking/eating healthier meals, journaling, and trying/failing at meditating, I’ve been pushing myself to create new items for my shop. Two new wreaths are now added!  I hope you like them! 🙂 How are you adjusting to this never before crisis? Stay safe out there!

Garden in Bloom

I created this wire embellishment to match with these artworks that my client found on Etsy on the link below:

I’m loving this vibrant color scheme! Adds a real life garden feel to a girl’s nursery space. If I can walk through a garden, my whole life through…I’m not sure where I heard this quote before, but it sure rings true.


A Wanderlust Journey

Just got back from our annual trip with my favorite traveling companion, my cousin and bestest friend, Cindy Ca Pham! This will be our fourth year and this time its…..Utah! Why Utah, you asked? Why not? It’s in the middle of California and Illinois. She said it’s her favorite trip thus far. And I can’t help but agree. 🙂 We went to Midway, Utah the first day and stayed at Homestead Resort which is nice “hotel/home” in a quaint little town. It has a crater hot springs next to the property which we didn’t get a chance to go. We did, however, turned on the shower for 20 mins to create our own little steam room in our hotel bathroom. 🙂 There was a cute little bakery in town where we had avocado turkey bacon sandwich. Too bad it’s closed the next day because we were looking forward to breakfast there.

This is us at Wasatch National Park which was near our hotel. I really like the tall white birch trees and yes there is snow on the ground!

Next morning, headed to Arches National Forest in Moab!!! This has been on my bucket list for many years and  many missed opportunities to go, but, I like to think there’s a reason I went to to it now. It’s because it wouldn’t have been this amazing with anyone else but Ca. We share the same passion for design aesthetic, outdoor hikes, and natural beauty.


This place is so beautiful and serene with it’s arches; gateway into dreams and natural wonder. We stayed til nightfall to see the stars. 🌟 ✨  So we got to see the arches in daylight and sunset. Pictures cannot do it justice.

We didn’t realize the “Delicate Arch” is the the arch that was in every postcard, guidebook, etc. so we didn’t hike it…we only saw it at the viewpoint access. I’m a little bit bummed about that but that just means we have to go back there one day.

Sandstone Arch with its soft red sand! Surreal!

Broken Window Arch. I think this my favorite arch!


We stayed at Under Canvas Moab for the night. Let me tell you it sure was dark trying to find this place! Lol, it was smoky inside our tent because it was cold out and we had the wood fireplace burning most of the night. First time, “glamping” with an actual bed inside the tent. I can get used to that! They also have it in a lot of national parks as well!

This is Young Living, lavender fields. As you can see, in the winter, it’s not purple fields. LOL.

Next day we went to Provo for our Aveda Spa Services and then onwards to Antelope Island State Park to stargaze. I just really love the colors of the sun setting over the Salt Lake here at Antelope Island. Reminds me of this watercolor painting I had in my old workplace.

A memorable trip etched into my being, that no matter where I go, what I do, I will always strive to find that enchantment in my life. Life can be hard, crazy, and fragile but if we can hold on to these special memories/moments, it will sustain us. Til next time, Ca! I’m so glad we have this tradition. Can’t wait to see where we go next. xoxo.