The Hiking Crew at Phoenix Lake

Our hiking crew for this day, doubled in size! We went from 4 to 8! We stopped by the nearby town of Ross afterwards for gelato and bubble tea! Cute little town and there was a book sale for $1 each book! Score! We all came away with a bundle of books! Anyways, I realized I went on this hike already many years ago with my sisters. This time there seem to be more water? I can’t be certain…but it’s a nice cool day, that got hotter at the end of the hike. I think we hiked 3+ miles. For the first time, I didn’t need a break walking uphill. Hmmm…strange. lol.

Little brother with somewhat aggressive “Ta-Da”.  Angry Vanna White. 😀

Ahhhh..such a cute action shot of lil bro and Leslie! Good job, Leslie, blocking Chink’s invisible ammo!



M + K initials carved in wood! Someone before them carved it. 🙂

K being his cute goofy self!

We ended the day at Vietiane in West Sacramento and I finally got my stuffed chicken wings! Delish. It certainly does not disappoint, even after many years! It was a great day. 🙂 Til next time.