The Hiking Crew

The first hike we did was last year…I can’t remember the name of the place but it was pretty damn awesome! I think I wrote about it many posts ago. 🙂

Last weekend we went nearby to Cosumnes River Preserve. It’s just a reminder that beauty is everywhere. Not our usual hike up and around the mountain, but peaceful and beautiful nevertheless as we walked through wooden planks and dirt path.

I love these rust color fern thingy. Not sure what they are, but they make such a pretty landscape, don’t they?!

And my little brother being his usual goofy self! Sexy squat was what he’s going for? Muahahah.

If I can walk through a forest my whole life through…..

So many wild berries, that I was so tempted to eat…but I was discouraged to eat them. JP would know if they are safe or not.

Next week, we are doing Cascade Falls! Stay tuned for pictures! And always, thanks for coming along on this adventure with me! I hope this makes you go out there and explore! It doesn’t have to be far.