Everyday Elevated

This post is aptly named –  The Everyday Elevated – which also happens to be the name of my sister’s company. Today, I took pictures for my sister’s new ventures which includes floral installations and well-being services! Check out http://www.theeverydayelevated.com if you’re interested in pampering and just elevating your life through fashion, florals + interiors, self-care, etc. I also created a new identity (logo + business cards) for the re-branding of her company! I can’t wait to show you the business cards when it comes in! My sisters and I headed to Downtown Lodi to take pictures at a coffee shop. Unfortunately, Inspire, was closed…they were headed to Disneyland! I love their tagline though…fuel your dreams, which is exactly what they did, lol! But, we found another shop that sold coffee though and just took pictures outside the wine bar, which Lodi have so many of!


My sister, spotted this really nice juxtaposition of colors on this building so I took some pictures of my other sister just because she’s the best dressed out of us, lol. Looking at the pictures closely, I can see how it’s not as sharp as I would like but, I do love the composition. I love all three shots equally, so I placed them all here. Which one do you like more? I’m loving her outfit…cute boots, dress, and carry-all!

“I found the ONE.” Wedding dress that is! Both my sisters fell in love with this dress on display. Normally, they don’t care or look at wedding dresses but this one caught their eyes that they actually went inside to inquire. 🙂 I can only describe it as whimsical.

We also happened upon this cute boutique where I found this mustard dress! I love little boutique with beautiful unique items.

All in all, a perfect day filled with creativity, productivity, exploring new places, and coffee! My kind of day. Every day should be like this day…but it can’t because if it was…it won’t be memorable/special. Here’s to many more in the new year, and beyond.


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