My Peter Rabbit – inspired baby mobile and wall embellishment

It’s been awhile since I last post on here….and I have to tell you it’s been a BUSY few months with orders coming in….YAYAYAYA!!! Happy dance commence…that lasted all of 10 seconds lol. Today I wanted to share with you with this baby mobile and wall floral embellishment that was inspired from the Tale of Peter Rabbit by Beatrix Potter. One of my favorite childhood book and as an adult too, I have to admit. The lovely Victorian illustrations and the adventures that Peter and his cousins/siblings embarked on! I also really love the small hardbound version.

I originally created just the baby mobile but then a client of mine wanted me to create the wire floral embellishment that looks like the mobile. It’s too bad she didn’t purchase the mobile too because I think it looks so lovely together. ;(  That exquisite deer wall bust is from Boramiri! I just LOVE her creations! She has several others and I want them all! LOL. But you can’t have them all in one place because that’s too much of a beautiful thing. The canopy is from Numero 74°. I’ve been in love with their items for many years. The quality and attention to detail of both of these products are just top-notch. And I like that they are both made in different parts of the world…Boramiri is handmade in France and Numero 74° in Thailand.

I just love these colors of the mobile and wire embellishment that I think I’m going to create a wreath! Thanks for visiting, as always, my dear readers…that one person…lol.



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