Road Trip to Canada and bordering states….

Last week I took a road trip to some parts of Canada with a friend. We flew into Montreal and drove straight to Quebec…which took about 3 hrs. By the time, we got there it was in the evening time so we walked around our hotel area which had lots of unique coffee shops, but unfortunately it was Sunday so it closed early. We had dinner at this Vietnamese/Thai fusion because after many layovers and long flights, nice warm pho broth sounds real good especially since it was in the 50s. Too bad, the food was not good. Flavorless broth…oh well…that’s what we get for ordering Vietnamese food in Quebec. LOL. The next morning we spent half a day at Old Quebec…favorite part of the city/province? We parked out car at the Port of Quebec as you can see below it still icy out in the water.

Old Quebec as promised, has the charm of those European cities on the other side of the pond. Quaint buildings and flowerpots and cobblestone streets/alleys makes me happy! 🙂

Ate lunch of escargots and smoked salmon salad here. Sunny day with heat lamp makes for an enjoyable lunch. Not a lot of people out this time of the year.

See? Deserted alleyway!

After Quebec we drove to Montreal and stayed next to the Olympic Stadium, no events happening there unfortunately. We didn’t really get to explore Montreal because we had to head out early to get to Toronto/Niagara Falls which is a 6+ hour drive and had to make it back in time to switch cars to drive over to the states. Apparently it’s cheaper if you rent a car within Canada, but as soon as you make it over to the states, prices doubled! So that’s why we had to rent two different cars. We just barely make it around Chinatown in Toronto before heading to Niagara Falls. It was sunny that afternoon/evening…fortunately for us, because my traveling companion did not pack her jacket! Once we got to Horseshoe Falls, it was crazy wet though! lol. Love the mist. Such an amazing sight to behold. Hauntingly beautiful in its velocity and pure volume of water cascading/thundering down.

And that concludes the Canada portion of our road trip. I wished we had more time to really explore Canada…but that’s where next time come into play, right? Note: Montreal to Toronto, the road we drove was pretty uneventful…nothing appealing to stop by.

Changed car in Buffalo, New York and proceeded to drive to New Jersey to meet up with the rest of our traveling companions. It was rainy that day so the drive was dreary and blistery. We stayed the night in Travose, New Jersey for the night and headed to Philadelphia the next morning. Had my first taste of authentic Philly cheese steak and it did not disappoint! I had mine with provolone cheese and onions! Yummmmmyy. Too bad it was a big sandwich and I couldn’t finish it and no microwave in hotel room so couldn’t even save it. 😦 I heard they’re not good afterwards anyways…at least that’s what I’m telling myself. Tried to go to the Art Museum with the famous “Rocky” steps but it was closed off because of the NFL Draft happening that day! Onwards to Jersey Shore! We got there when it was evening time so it was foggy and misty…but the sand and water is clean and beautiful nevertheless. I love the ocean, shoreline, body of water and try to go there, in any country, or state, any chance I can get, regardless of the weather. I remembered once driving 8 hours to and from in Costa Rica, just to take in the ocean breeze and water on my feet. My traveling companions at the time was not so keen. Anyways, back to present day New Jersey. Next day, took a shuttle from the hotel to New York and walked downtown in crazy Time Square and Central Park. Feels like San Francisco to me. But more crowded. Took a free ferry to see the Statue of Liberty. One of my must visit place on this trip was the World Trade Center Memorial Site or Ground Zero as they called it. So beautiful and sad. I keep meaning to look up the architect behind the design because it is eerily beautiful with the water cascading down.

All in all, a short but fast paced road trip. I definitely needed another vacation after that. Til next time, dear readers!

Do you have any upcoming adventures in the works? I sure hope you do!




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