G L A S S V I A L S | Wedding Favors


Can you tell these are my new wedding favors obsession?!?! I love finding new items that I can put into these little glass vials. So far I have a beach theme, a garden theme, and a spa theme (perfect for bachelorette favors for spa retreat!). I’m sure there are sooo many other things you can fill these with that will go great with your wedding theme. I’m thinking breath mints with a “Mint to be” signage or as thank you (no really thank you…it’s a gift for us both lol). Yes I can go on. The bottom image is filled with lavender, rose clay, pink himlayan salts, and tiny rosebuds. Perfect size for a nice relaxing bath!

These are my garden theme and are filled with pebbles, moss, and silk flower. These glass vials are like dreams in a bottle. Something from the apothecary.


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