There’s still a little magic left in this world…

I think that every time I see trees sprouting new leaves after a cold winter. I mean c’mon…it was just dried and barren the other day and then BAM…it’s green. That’s MAGIC! Their strength and resiliency is amazing to behold. I should strive to be like the tree. 🙂 It reminds me of this quote that my cousin texted to me, on a juice box, of all places…”Don’t worry if your tasks are small and rewards are few, remember that the mighty oak was once a nut like you.” – unknown

So keep on striving! It’s a reminder to myself. And you too, my one reader. 😀 Don’t give up, keep on creating the things you love and soon others will notice. Keep on creating magic. Like this fairy wand that I just made! Out of mustard wool blend felt, iridescent ribbons, buttons, jingle bells and dreams. I witnessed this man/father yelling obscenity to his five? year old son on the street. Just straight yelling f* bombs. This poor kid never had a chance. I hope the little boy has someone in his life, anyone, that will ease some of his suffering. Some wounds can’t healed, unfortunately. And then he grows up…vicious cycle…or not. If only someone gave him a magic wand. 🙂

If you don’t know me by now…I add in humor to diffuse the hopelessness and negativity. It’s the only way to cope, to survive, to live.

So tell me…is there any items from your childhood you still hold on to? or cherished?

(Note: this fairy wand and print is available on my etsy shop)



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