Kissssinnng Ball is made for smooching or for a beautiful wedding keepsake!

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I’ve never realized the meaning of the “kissing ball”…I just thought it was because all the flowers were touching, therefore “kissing” each other. I always liked the look of it for flower girls to carry down the aisle instead of bouquet of flowers or basket of petals. Less work for the flower girl to do and such a beauty too! 🙂

According to

The kissing ball is a tradition that started in England during the Middle Ages. The holiday kissing ball, which was referred to as “holy boughs” during that time period, is designed to be hung over doorways as an omen of goodwill to all who visit. It is also a sign that the homeowner embraces or welcomes visitors.

This kissing ball will make such an enchanting accessory to that fairy tale wedding! It is available on my etsy shop now.

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