The Return of Aimeli Marcelle

I’ve been working from home for two days now and so far so good! More time to just start/finish projects I’ve been sketching/thinking in my head. It’s different this time around because the last time I took a hiatus from my “job” I didn’t really have a purpose. I do now…kind of. My creative goals are all over the place, but I like the freedom and flexibility of just taking off and going where opportunities arise. I’ve been so inspired lately to draw/paint this character in all her whimsical costumes. I can’t remember when I started painting her…but I’m really excited to showcase all the paintings I’ve done so far. I do remember why I created her though. She’s a symbol of the magic and beauty to be found in this world if we let ourselves dream and explore. I’m gonna try to find a printer to reproduce these paintings so I can offer prints for sale. 🙂 If you have any suggestions, please let me know. Til next time…


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