Within a Dream

{They are not long…the days of wine and roses. Out of a misty dream our path emerges for awhile then closes within a dream} -Ernest Dowson

It’s been a long time coming and I’m excited to share with all of you all of the projects/ideas that long been in my head! I finally took the leap to showcase and market just some of items I’ve been creating and it’s nerve wrecking but at least it’s no longer a dream but a reality and whatever happens next is hard work set to a dream. Thank you for coming along on this journey with me!

And thank you to my cousin, Ca, for letting me share some of my creation/ideas with you and to Nam for pushing me to start this website even though it’s far from what I want it to be. And to Pia just for always “liking” my posts/images…it means a lot to me that you go out of your way to take an interest in my work, which is an extension of who I am. Thank you!


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